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Home » News » A picture shows which players are currently in the IoT field.
A picture shows which players are currently in the IoT field.

Before the advent of 2016, an estimated 6 billion objects worldwide have access to the network. That's right, it's about the "Internet of Things" that is not a new concept. You can literally guess the meaning of the word, that is, the object connected through the Internet, and the idea of changing the point is "an object that can learn and adapt to user behavior." Every company in every field wants to divide this big cake of the future. The following picture shows the competitors of this big cake. It will definitely continue to have new companies to join. From the bottom up, it is the project and company that sells water to gold diggers. Companies in the vertical sector, companies in the horizontal sector.


Projects and companies that sell water to gold diggers

In fact, the concept of the Internet of Things is not new (proposed in 1999), but the rapid development is also due to the following factors.

It's getting easier to build hardware, because many components are already open source (such as Arduino microcontroller); at the same time, the development of 3D printing also provides a lot of help; professional manufacturers like Dragon Innovation can manufacture the main components in production. Companies like Grand St help distribute distribution; crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter can help start-up hardware companies get started.

The rapid development of mobile Internet worldwide has driven the development of the Internet of Things. Mobile phones and tablets can be used as the Internet of Things remote control in everyone's hands. It is also possible to connect to the Internet at any time (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G), and various protocols are also being produced (MQTT). In fact, in the implementation of the Internet of Things, the M2M (machine to machine) protocol is used in most cases, not the Internet.

The solution brought by basic construction such as cloud computing. Cloud computing can allow devices to be "stupid" because it just takes the data to the cloud. Big data tools, like the open source Hadoop, can also help devices process the data it collects.

Vertical field company

The vertical field is the product that implants the Internet of Things into its own roots. For example, the smart thermostat Nest is a simple and straightforward vertical strategy for the Internet of Things, and it is like Apple, with hardware and software firmly in its hands, in order to better control and improve the user experience. .

Not only is Nest, home control itself is the main battlefield of the Internet of Things, and Microsoft recently revealed that it wants to build a Home 2.0 home control system. Another important vocabulary for users is “self-quantitative”, which allows users to increasingly recognize the potential of the Internet of Things. (Note: quantified self is a concept of life. Some people think that collecting and analyzing their own data can improve their quality of life. Therefore, “self-quantification” is increasingly valued by technology startups and based on “self-quantification”. "Idea research and development related equipment and software."

Not only for ordinary users, B2B's enterprise-level IoT vertical applications are also many, such as artificial intelligence research in the fields of manufacturing, transportation, medical, retail, energy and so on. These areas are also filled with start-ups.

Horizontal field company

Even though there are many applications in the vertical field, many companies' ultimate goals will move toward the software platform. For example, some home automation companies SmartThings, Ninja Blocks, etc., also provide software platforms, they will use their vertical applications as an opportunity for the platform. Not only start-up companies, but also large companies like GE and IBM, operators like AT&T and Verizon, are striving to make a difference in platform services.

An important question is whether a platform in a vertical field can be smoothly applied to another vertical field. In addition, whether the leading platform is open or closed will have an important impact on the future development of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is still like a newborn baby, with a very promising future. To be sure, in the next few years or even months, the current chart will make a big difference.

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